Came across this favela my second day in Rio. A cluster of houses painted in vibrant colors that stand out to make a statement, as a way to smile amidst adversity. I see it as the heartbeat of the city, where rhythm and laughter reside. It is simply mesmerizing how buildings and  mountains amicably share space in the city of samba. I was so impressed to see this neighborhood crawling up the mountain. The walk home is great exercise, especially for the ones towards the top, but most have the best panoramic views of  the city.

Life here comes in all sorts of shades and colors. A place of daily struggle, love, and pain, just as it is for many people around the globe. There’s good and bad in every corner of the world, but the goodness of people prevails, and should be showcased more often.

Generally everything is not as poetic as I choose to see it, but I’ve seen the nicest, and most smiling faces, in the most precarious of situations. I try to showcase the beauty and goodness of people, help their reality transcend to help capture a better perspective of the world around us.